An actual, factual proper introduction of a long overdue nature.

Starting this introduction out with a fact: I am not the best at starting things. Once the ball gets rolling it is easier to immerse myself– but starting? Self motivation? Give me a break. No, and no. I’ve thought long(ish) and hard(ish) over what I wanted this blog to be, what facet of my life I wanted to show to the internet. I needed a theme, something to always tempt me back. There’s a world of things, both wonderful and terrifying that are begging to be discussed. There’s years of my personal collected knowledge. There’s been classes taken, books read and degrees earned. And yet— the struggle continues. I have no smug sense of clarity on any topic of choosing. No confident approach to the complexities of life and certainly no wisdom for one to behold.
Which brings me to– The Rust Belt Chronicles. A quiet dedication to a life lived (mostly) in the Lake Effect State. Birthplace of Aviation. Homeland of the Presidents. The Heart of it All. Google it if your not getting the references. As mentioned in my mega brief introduction penned three short months ago, there will be some passionate soccer talk. There will be art and beer, and bad jokes, and even worse grammar. It is inevitable. There will be fiction! Nostalgia! A chronicle of changes. Adoration of the old and the new. But blanketing all of this will be the Rust Belt and Cleveland and adventures within these state lines and beyond. An honest little collection.
An honest little collection should start out on an honest foundation. So here it goes. A proper introduction three months in the making. My name is Jenna. I’m finishing up a graduate school, pursuing an MA in Art History (which I am certain will be a topic of consistent blogging). I am an avid follower (and these days a victim of much suffering) of Liverpool Football Club. I’m an import to Northeast Ohio, suckered into this city boasting a one-of-a-kind rusty charm. I’m excited to get to know this new home, to learn its secrets, find its quirkiest bars and best pasta providers. Until then I’m comfortable getting settled in a new routine.
Before I sign off I must confess I previously misinformed my dear reader, suggesting that I have no wisdom to share. I do have one baby-bit piece of wisdom to pass on– when people gush and giggle about old apartments filled with character and woodwork what they really mean is: your future is going to be filled with two-prong outlets and windows that don’t close. Living in NEO where we dedicate nine of our twelve months to winter it is really, really a good idea to make sure your windows always close.
Until next time!

An Introduction

A quick welcome to my little corner of the internet. Stay tuned for art, travel, humor, and a slight story here or there. An honest collection for myself and for anyone else who wishes to partake in it. Happy viewing, friends.